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Hot Dip Galvanized Wire / Strip

The hot dip galvanized wire has the zinc coating on its outside for the function of corrosion prevention. It is produced from the low carbon, medium carbon or high carbon steel wire with clean and rustless surface by dipping them into the high temperature molten liquid zinc. Then, the surface of the material is coated with zinc layer.

The product has thicker zinc coating and stronger corrosion resistance than the ordinary galvanized type. Meanwhile, the zinc coating of the product has no brittleness. Generally, the thickness of the zinc coating of the product is 30 to 366g/m², while the zinc coating thickness of the ordinary galvanized type is only about 10g/m2.

Specification of Product
Diameter 0.15-6.0mm
Steel Grade SAE1006, 1008, 1010, Middle Carbon
Zinc Coated Quantity 30-366g/m2
Elongation 15%
Tensile Strength 300-560N/mm2
Packing 5-100kg/spool or 50-800kg/coil
Hot Dip Galvanized Wire / Strip Hot Dip Galvanized Wire / Strip
Specification of Armoring Cable Type Product
Diameter 0.5-4.0mm
Steel Grade Mid/High Carbon 45#-70#
Zinc Coated Quantity 130-366g/m2
Elongation 15%
Tensile Strength: 350-500N/mm2
Packing 50-800kg/coil
Armoring Cable Type Product Armoring Cable Type Product
Specification of Strip Type Product
Thickness 0.2- 1.5mm
Width 16-350mm
Zinc Coated Quantity ≤ 120g/m2
Elongation 15%
Tensile Strength 270-1500N/mm2
Packing by coil
Strip Type Product  Strip Type Product

Other Information
1. Min. Order Quantity: 1ton/size
2. Delivery Date: 10 to 20 working days after receipt of downpayment or L/C
3. Payment Term: T/T or L/C
4. Price Term: FOB, CNF, CIF, CPT, DDU, DDP

As one of the professional full specifications of galvanized wire material manufacturers with large scale in China, we have more than 20 years of accumulation of production technology and innovation in the galvanization industry. Our production base is far away from the city, which is conducive to reducing the production cost relating to factory, electric power, labor, etc.

Our factory is configured with a complete set of pure industrial production system in dealing with drawing, heat treatment, galvanization and line coiling. The production capability per month can get to 5000tons. We can provide premium galvanized wire and strip with different specifications, zinc coating thickness and strength. The products have been extensively put to use in the industries like petroleum, chemical engineering, light textile, electric power, fishery, construction, precision instrument, and more.

We'd like to provide high quality product with the optimal price and meticulous service for you. Additionally, the wire such as copper clad aluminum type, paper covered type and fiberglass wrapped type are also available.

Features of Hot Dip Galvanization
1. The hot dip galvanized work piece has smooth, bright and nice surface.
2. The alloy layer of zinc and iron is compact and dense, showing remarkable anticorrosion performance in the sea salt fog atmosphere and industrial atmosphere.
3. The pure zinc layer is the zinc coating with the richest plasticity in the hot dip galvanization. It is close to the pure zinc basically in characteristic. With good ductility, the pure zinc layer is good at flexibility.
4. The zinc has excellent ductility and the alloy layer attaches to the steel base tightly. So, the hot dip galvanized work piece can be processed with various molding involving cold forming, rolling, drawing, bending, etc. without damaging the zinc coating.
5. As the result of tight bonding mutual blending between the steel and zinc, the hot dip galvanized wire has very strong abrasion resistance.
6. Hot dip galvanization for the steel structure, equivalent to the annealing treatment, can improve the mechanical property of the steel base effectively, eliminate the stress formed in the welding and facilitate the lathe work to the steel structure.
7. With the thick dense pure zinc coating covering on the surface of the steel base, the steel base can be prevented from contacting with any etchant solution to avoid corrosion. In the general atmosphere, the thin but dense zinc oxide layer would form on the surface of the zinc coating. It is insoluble in water, playing certain protection function for the steel base. If the zinc oxide generates the insoluble zinc salt with other ingredients in the atmosphere, the anticorrosion effect would be better.

Related Names
Galvanised Carbon Steel Wire | Zinc Coated Steel Sheet | Anti-corrosion Steel Wire | Industrial Coil Sheet
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