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Metal Tape

    1. Nickel Tape Our ultra-thin nickel tape is produced by utilizing the nickel plate with the purity of 99.99% as the raw material. After a series of processes containing vacuum smelting, rolling, forging, calendering, annealing, surface treatment, slitting and testing, it comes out with the purity of 99.6% and 99.9%.
    1. Copper TapeWe take usage of the top grade thick pure copper strip to produce the premium ultra-thin copper tape with high precision through several times of annealing, calendering, surface treatment, slitting and testing.
    1. Brass TapeOur brass tape has high precision, super thin thickness and unrivaled quality. It is produced by using the high quality thick brass strip to go through the processes embracing multiple times of annealing, calendering, surface treatment, slitting and testing.
    1. Bronze TapeFeaturing high precision, top quality and ultra-thin thickness, the bronze tape is manufactured from the premium thick bronze strip through several times of annealing, calendering, surface treatment, slitting and testing.
    1. Constantan TapeWe produce the constantan (CuNi40) tape through vacuum smelting, rolling, forging, many times of annealing, calendering, surface treatment, slitting and testing. The product has high quality with ultra-thin thickness and high accuracy.

We are now classed as the professional manufacturer who has the ability in producing tape and foil of nonferrous metal, rare metal and soft alloy with high precision, premium quality and ultra-thin thickness in China. The products contain nickel type, copper type, brass type, constantan type, and more, showing great advantages in bright surface, stable tolerance, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, ductility and resistance to impact, corrosion and atmospheric corrosion.

1. We smelt the material with vacuum furnace or other special furnace.
2. By using the specialized steel rolling mill, precise cutting tools and machines, the metal tape has smooth and flat surface, accurate width and thickness as well as stable performance.

We have got a great success by launching the especially developed nickel strip for Ni-MH and Ni-Cd battery, the green material of copper foil for lithium battery and the lately developed 0.01mm gold imitated brass foil into the market successfully. Our metal tape products have been widely applied to electrical engineering, construction, chemical engineering, sealing washer, appliance, water heater, electronics, military project, aerospace, mechanical engineering, engineering design, illumination, communication, etc. We obtain the recognition from the industry with the aspects in our credit, strength and product quality. Our product is also welcomed by more and more customers.
Meanwhile, we can also research and develop other types of nonferrous alloy materials in accordance with the requirements of customers to make them enjoy the full range of supporting service regarding the new material. Our other electric wire products are also available, like paper covered type, resistance heating type, compensating type, etc. The principles that we always adhere to are that the demands of customers set up the quality standard for us and that our aim is to provide meticulous service to make customers feel satisfied. Welcome to inquiry.

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